Montag, 23. Februar 2009

It is raining so much.......

I am really wondering who was the one who has ordered this weather for my holiday? Outside it is raining sooo much that we absolutely cannot go for a walk or something! It is terrible and so nasty! So, now I am already thinking about going back home earlier than actually planned. We wanted to stay here until next Saturday, had so many plans where to go, who to meet with but it is not very pleasant at the moment and it is not supposed to get better the next days! I will see... Well, you cannot change the weather but it is a pity. It is my week off work, my holiday and then it is raining all day long, cold, windy.
So, we also had this very exhausting journey with an overloaded train on Saturday but luckily we had seats for this 3 hour ride. There were such a lot of people who hadn't one!!! Now, I really hope that it will maybe get a little better now, so the journey was worth it just a little! I really, really hope so! See you soon, please cross your fingers for me and my girls!
By the way, I am on my mom's laptop at the moment ;o)
Kisses TINA

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