Dienstag, 2. März 2010

♥ "I Love Music" PTU Tagger Kit - Just uploaded to the stores ♥

I loved doing that kit full of music! It is pink and blue, it is cheerful, it's happy, it's energenic, just the right if you are happy or if you need to get it! The kit is something really special and I put all of the music in me in it, so please enjoy and get creative!

You can purchase the kit at Exquisite Scraps, Sophisti-Scraps and Just4Taggers!

The kit contains:

34 Papers (700x700px)
28 Frames
and 111 adorable elements

2 Music Love Chains
2 Heart Ribbons
2 Keychains
4 Music Flowers
4 Music Note Doodles
2 Charm Tags
2 Button Flowers
6 Butterflies
2 Cute Flowers
4 Diamond Swirls
10 Crystal Music Notes
4 Diamond Music Notes
4 String Doodles
4 Flower Branches
4 Folded Ribbon
4 Gem Flowers
2 Heart Chains
3 Heart Lock Ribbons
4 Music Note Lines
2 Safety Pins
2 Satin Bows
2 Satin Ribbons
2 Music Ribbons
2 Music Note Wraps
2 Arrow Hearts
1 Beaded String
4 Bows
2 Bow Wraps
2 Boxes
4 Buttons
2 Fasteners
2 Flat Bows
2 Flower Bows
2 Glitters
2 Happy Bows
3 Heart Pencils
4 Music Note Brads

I hope I did not forget or repeat anything!

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