Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

♥ "Sophistication" Exclusive MEGA Kit ♥

One more time, I am really, really proud to announce that I am a Sophisti-Scraps Designer now and for this special occasion I created a bombastic Exclusive MEGA Kit called "Sophistication" ONLY available on Sophisti-Scraps! It is just stunning and I am sure you will be thrilled about it!

Click here to get directly to the kit!

You are a real lady, full of sophistication, style and good taste! You love black, red and white, elegant accessories like beautiful dresses, ladylike boots, lipstick, corsets, roses and more! So, this is the perfect kit for you! It is an Exclusive Mega Kit, only available here on Sophisti-Scraps!

This Exclusive Mega Kit is full of exclusive elements, you will just be thrilled about it! And you have hundreds of possibilities to created your tags.

The kit contains:

22 Papers (700x700px)
25 Frames
and 140 (!) wonderful elements

3 Boots
3 Dresses
2 Hats
3 High Heel Boots
3 Women's Bags
3 Bottles
3 Bow Ties
3 Neck Ties
3 Bow Wraps
3 Brads
4 Special Butterflies
2 Calla Bouquets
2 Corner Flowers
3 Corner Ribbons
4 Corsets
6 Curled Ribbons
3 Curl Ribbons
3 Curly Ribbons
2 Cushions
3 Floppy Bows
3 Flowers
3 Glasses
4 Heart Pendants
4 Lipsticks
3 Lovely Bows
3 Perfume Bottles
3 Raindrops
3 Ribbons
3 Ribbon Bows
4 Roses
3 Satin Flowers
3 Seed Beads
3 Sequins
3 Shiny Bows
4 Shiny Butterflies
3 Shiny Wraps
4 Single Callas
6 Small Ties
2 Special Flowers
3 Sweet Bows
6 Tie Ribbons
3 Wraps
3 Wrap Bows

Please enjoy this kit as much as I do!

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