Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

♥ "Purple Snowflakes" PTU Tagger Size Kit & Special Offer ♥

You can purchase this huge kit here or here
and for the first week (until 26th November 2009) I have a special deal for you!

Purchase the "Purple Snowflakes" PTU tagger size kit, send me a copy of your receipt, put "Purple Snowflakes Special Offer" into the subject line and you will receive one of my "older" kits AND my next PTU tagger size kit for free! Together with the copy of your receipt please tell me which "older" kit you would like to have!

Snowflakes don't have to be blue! So come and see my purple snowflakes fall!

This kit is full of snowflakes, glitter and glamour! It contains:

28 papers (700x700px)
22 frames
3 beaded ribbons
3 beautiful bows
3 bows
3 bow ribbons
3 brads
3 butterflies
3 diamond swirls
2 double bows
3 eyelet knots
3 fantastic bows
3 flowers
3 folded ribbons
2 gemstone snowflakes
3 glitter spills
3 hanging bows
3 heart buttons
2 journal tags
3 paper stars
3 pearl chains
3 pearl swirls
2 poinsettas
3 ribbon puddles
3 ribbon wraps
3 satin bows
3 snow butterflies
5 snowflakes
3 snowflake curtains
3 snowflake flowers
6 snowflake hangers
3 snowflakes with hangers
3 tied ribbons

Please enjoy this gorgeous, purple snowflake kit!

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