Montag, 28. September 2009

"Black Star" PTU Tagger Size Kit

"Black Star" was inspired by a very talented singer's song and parfume.
Actually I did not plan to do more kits again and I ONLY wanted to make a black/pink kit but then I yet could not decide between all those adorable colours like blue, purple, green, yellow and pink and so I ended up in making five kits... And I think it is a gorgeous idea because one of the most brilliant tube makers does his tubes in different colours, so why shouldn't I do the same with my kits!?!?!?

I have already uploaded the kits to Exquisite Scraps and they will go into my other stores in the next couple of days! AND there is a bundle of all five "Black Star" PTU tagger size kits available only from my blog for only $7.50! Please be patient with me when you purchase the bundle from my blog because I am not on the PC 24hours a day. I will send you the links as soon as possible!

Please, Please, Please enjoy the kits!

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