Dienstag, 4. August 2009

NEW Scrapkits "Butterfly, Fly Away"

YES, I have finished two new scrapkits called "Butterfly, Fly Away - Rosé" and "Butterfly, Fly Away - Violet" and I am very proud of them!

They are available in all of my stores - Exquisite Scraps, Twilight Scraps and ScrapsWithAttitude, the bundle with both kits is only available at Exquisite Scraps!

I love butterflies and I wanted to do a butterfly kit for so long and now it is finally done! This kit is really soft and it became so huge, it has more than 100 fantastic and unique elements in there and none of the elements is in there more than twice! As I could not decide between the colors I made two kits, a violet one and a rosé one, the green tones are the same. The violet one has a little more power, the rosé one is a little softer! I am sure you will like them both but I am so excited to see which one you like best, so please take part in the poll you can see on the right side!
The kit contains:

25 papers
14 different frames (a total of 22)

2 Beautiful Butterflies

1 Beautiful Flower

2 Bow Butterflies

2 Bow Hangers

2 Butterfly Bows

2 Butterfly Flowers

2 Butterfly Hangers

4 Butterfly Leaves (2 different)

2 Calla Lilies

2 Satin Butterflies

2 Satin Flowers

2 Corner Ribbons
2 Crystal Butterflies

2 Curled Ribbons

4 Cute Butterflies (2 different)

1 Diamond Butterfly

2 Dragonflies

2 Easels

2 Umbrellas

2 Elegant Lace Ribbons

1 Envelope

2 Exotic Satin Bows

1 Floral Arrangement

4 Flower Bows (2 different)

4 Flower Branches
(2 different)
1 Flower Pendant
2 Fluffy Butterflies

4 Glitter Butterflies (2 different)

2 Heart Boxes

2 Heart Satin Ribbons

2 Ivys

2 Knoted Bows

2 Paper Flowers

2 Peacocks

2 Picot Bows

2 Princess Bows
2 Scalloped Tags

2 Shiny Flowers

2 Shiny Flower Bows

2 Shiny Flowers with Leaves

2 Simple Bows

2 Simple Ribbons

2 Special Flowers
2 String Flowers
2 String Hearts
2 Sunflowers
1 Sweet Flower

2 Triple Bows

2 Velvet Bows

2 Velvet Wraps

2 Wrapped Ribbons

The previews of both kits are a little different, so you can see a lot of the elements in there but it is not shown everything and Dropshadows are on the previews only!

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Seven hat gesagt…

Wuuuunderschön liebe Tina :)
So schöne sanfte Farben! ♥

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