Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

NEW PTU Kit "Hannah Jolie"

I have created a new PTU tagger size kit called "Hannah Jolie" and it is up to the stores now. It is a real Baby Girl kit and it is sooo cute and colourful! You can purchase it here on Exquisite Scraps, here on Twilight Scraps and here on Scraps With Attitude!

This kit is something really special! It is dedicated to a little girl who is still letting us wait for her *lol* When I started doing this kit I was afraid I could not finish it in time but YES, I did and this kit became larger than expected really and so cute and colourful! It is the perfect kit for little baby girls and to say "Congratulations on giving birth to this cutie"!

It contains:

30 papers
18 frames
3 teddy faces
2 safety pins
3 butterfly pendants
3 circle pendants
2 pearl pendants
3 cute bags
3 heart bags
3 belts
2 dummies
3 dummies with charm
3 metallic tags
3 star keylocks
2 cute bows
3 butterflies
3 cute butterflies
2 flowers
3 flower buttons
2 heart blossoms
2 stem flowers
4 metallic flowers
3 lovely flowers
2 leaf flowers
3 flower ribbons
2 heart ribbons
3 string tags
3 delicate butterflies
3 gift boxes
2 heart hangers
4 balloons
3 fasteners
4 buttons
3 heart pillows
4 paper clips
3 buckles
2 baby word strings

I really hope I did not forget or repeat anything but there are about 102 elements so it can be possible! PLEASE enjoy the kit, have fun and please, show me all of your tags made with it!

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