Sonntag, 19. April 2009

NEW CT Tutorials *Woohoo*

Three more great CT tutorials using my "Something Beautiful" tagger size kit! I am SOOO proud of all of my gorgeous Creative Team members, thank you soooo much!

To be honest, I forgot to post the first one here because Beverly sent it to me while I was on holiday but now I went to her blog for some reason and I saw this lovely tag again and did not remember that I have already posted it because I had not, so here it is:

"He'll never understand" Tutorial by Beverly here

The next one is called "Ice Princess" and was written by Natasha! I really love how the candle is "burning", so please check out her tutorial here

And last but not least comes a tutorial written by Mami! The tutorial is called "La Femme" and I love the Jennifer Janesko beauty in the frame... Someone must have told you that I love Jennifer Janesko's artwork *lol* So here is the tutorial...
Please enjoy these gorgeous tutorials written by the girls! Thank you all sooo much, ladies! Big, Big Hugs!!!

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